“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength.”

Charles Spurgeon

If you have fear or worry that will not go away, you may experience anxiety.    Symptoms may include thinking the same thought, inability to let thoughts go, fear, heart beating faster, sweating palms, difficulty breathing.  .   Anxiety could be related to the emotional stress of managing illness or some stress from previous medical procedures.  Certain medications can make you feel more anxious as a side effect.  True anxiety conditions need to be diagnosed by a mental health practitioner, but you can learn more if you have anxiety at this helpful resource called Beyond Blue.

We can all feel sad, moody or low but if this lasts a long time, it can keep you from your activities and people you love.  Depression can affect you body and your mind especially if you have chronic conditions that put more stress on your body and changes the chemicals in your brain.   Learn more about depression here.

If you wonder if you have depression or anxiety, take this QUIZ to help you learn more.

anxiety counseling

How We Can Help You

but you can also train your brain!

When you are anxious the most primitive parts of brain signal danger and that effects the whole body. It makes our thinking brain, or frontal lobe, not be able to work as well.   Some people think that relaxing is the only way to release anxiety, but the frontal lobe  prefers to focus and problem-solve.  This involves being aware of your surroundings and how your body is feeling at that moment.  Brain training helps you to refocus the brain on new tasks instead of letting your thoughts get stuck in a way that makes you anxious. 

For depression, brain training can help increase feel-good chemicals the body produces are  dopamine or serotonin. Brain training can  improve mood by helping the “thinking” and “emotional” parts of the brain to work together better.  We don’t want one area of the brain being stronger than another, so training allows for better balance for each part of their brain to play their role. 

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