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Mind/Door LLC opens the possibilities of a true integrated approach to healthcare. Each visit, you spend a full hour of undivided attention to listen, problem-solve, and provide hands-on care.  

Dr. Irene has additional certifications in applied neuroscience/brain training  and neurofeedback to help with persistent pain, chronic conditions, autoimmune issues, anxiety and depression. She blends this with 20 years of experience of hands on techniques as a doctor of physical therapy who is board certified in orthopedics and as a therapeutic pain specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t live in Washington, so can I still get help from Mind Door, LLC?

YES!   Sometimes, you cannot find someone who does brain training or sexual health counseling in your area and we are here to help.   Or you may see so many doctors that you need help managing all the information or helping make the best choices for what you can do next for your pain or sexual health.   

Dr. Luc provides wellness consults for brain training, pain and sexual health and can work alongside your doctors to give you a boost to your healthcare team.  Instead of just seeing your specialist once every few months, having Dr. Luc coach you weekly on a video conference can help you stay on track to feeling better.   She is licensed in Washington, Missouri and Illinois if you need further medical care.

Do you take insurance? 

Mind Door, LLC  is an out-of-network provider for most private insurance.   You will pay up front for the services and we will tell your insurance company that you paid so it can count towards your deductible.   

The deductible is the amount you have to pay before the insurance will cover future medical care and how much you pay out of pocket is different for each plan.   Once you meet your deductible, some insurances will pay a percentage of the bills while others will pay the whole thing.    Check your out-of-network benefits before your first visit

If you have out of network benefits, we can bill insurance for you so please ask if we work with your insurance

Do you take Medicare or state insurance?


Mind Door, LLC accepts Medicare insurance for physical therapy services. You will still need to meet your Medicare deductible and pay the 20% coinsurance at the time of visit.

State insurance

We do not have any contracts  with Molina, Medicaid or other state insurances at  this time. We do offer scholarships for those who have financial need.  Ask us for detail. 

How do I check if I have out-of-network benefits with my insurance?

Give them a call!  Check the number on the back of your card, and hang in there until you can talk to a person.  You can ask them:

-what date is my policy good until?

-what is my deductible for out of network benefits (what you pay out of pocket)?

-do I have any money going towards my out-of-network deductible yet for this year?

-do I need to get a medical doctor’s order to use out-of-network benefits?

-Is there a limit to the number of physical therapy visits I have under my out-of-network benefits. 

I don’t have any out-of-network benefits, now what?  

You will have to ask yourself if you are going to let the insurance tell you who can and can’t see for your healthcare.  We absolutely understand financial situations so please ask us questions so we can help you decide what is best for you! Scroll down and read more about Pricing.

Do I need my medical doctor to  write a prescription?

Dr. Irene Luc is licensed health care provider in Washington which allow you to have direct access to my program without a a medical doctor’s referral.    However Medicare and other insurance companies will need a medical doctor’s referral if you want to use insurance for billing.

I’m ready to get started, what do I do now?

– Give Dr. Irene a text or an e-mail to schedule a 15 min free consult

– After the consult, if you’re ready to start care, we will be sending you forms that you can fill out on your computer or phone.

What to expect for an in-person visit

Arrive at : 602 N. Colorado St. #110  Kennewick WA 99336

What to expect for a video conference session

-Dr. Irene will e-mail and text you a private meeting link using Zoom. You don’t have to download the program to use Zoom, the link will be enough.

-At your appointment time, you can either use your phone or computer for the session. Tip:  find something to prop the phone on so your hands are free

-Click on the link and the meeting will start.  Occasionally, it will say the host has not started the meeting but you don’t have to do anything– just wait and Dr. Irene will come on screen soon.

– Easy peasy!  Now you are ready to have total privacy for your session in the comfort of your home!


We get that you want to use your insurance that you’ve paid for and we hope that you will still choose to work with Mind/Door because it’s the right fit and offer you want for your health.

We also feel being honest about what things cost is helpful. If you’re used to letting insurance take care of things, you might not have any idea how much health care can cost these days!   So we are here to share with you the numbers.

Rate: $125-150 for a 60 minute session or $1150 for a package of 10 visits

We offer billing for those who want to use their out-of-network benefits.  No problem! You will have to pay that rate until you have reached your deductible at the regular rate.

Example:  You pay out of pocket per visit until you reach your out of network deductible (this amount varies per plan between $200- $5000). Once your deductible is met, insurance pays a percentage around 50-70% since Mind Door is an out-of-network provider, and you pay the remaining percentage. This typically work out to be between $20-60 per visit. There are no visits completely covered by insurance.

Insurance benefits offer a good deal as long as you meet your deductible and each plan is different.  You will have to call your plan to see what benefits they include.  

All payments are due before the start of care or before each session.   Credit cards and HSA cards are accepted as well as checks. 

We let you decide what works for your budget! We hope these numbers give you a clear picture and we can make the numbers work so that you can get the best care you deserve.