man with neurofeedback cap and electrodes

We are the premier Neurofeedback provider in Tricities, WA and the surrounding areas because we offer

Neurofeedback and Massage in the same session

This combination allows you to improve circulation and decrease muscle tension and that removes a lot of the obstacles to getting a good neurofeedback session.

Dr. Irene has 20 years of manual expertise as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist so you will be in good hands for therapeutic massage.

Dr. Irene uses a system designed by Brain-Trainer International . Watch this video to learn what neurofeedback is.

Neurofeedback  uses a computer program to show you what your brain signals are doing in real time.  

By wearing a special device on your head that measures that detects the brain waves in each area of the brain, you can create a picture of what needs training. 

This picture you see is the mirror to what your brain is doing during certain tasks.  This can help you know if you’re really working on the correct part of your brain. 

brain drawing with synapse connections and red dots

For Anxiety/ Depression

Neurofeedback can help pain by helping relieve anxiety, depression and stress that comes with a chronic condition.  Watch this video to learn more

brain with synapse connections in blue on black background

For Trauma and PTSD

Even if you are physically healthy, neurofeedback can help decrease triggered responses of anger, grief and sadness that comes with trauma.  If you have post traumatic stress disorder, this is a great tool to add if you are seeing a counselor already. 

Sometimes memories aren’t ready to surface, but neurofeedback can still train your brain to have healthier response to triggers without going back into those memories.  Watch this video to understand how it works

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