Don’t leave your life to chance, prepare for your greatest achievements

Working out only helps the muscles but have you considered working out your brain? We want you to be at your best as a professional, performer, athlete or student.

If you’re ready to go to the next level for your life goals, you need you brain to be a peak performance for focus, memory, attention. During competition at work or sports, nothing can prepare you for the many unknown factors that you might face. That’s why you cannot just react, you need to teach your muscles to be in tune with your brain so you can make split decision quickly and calmly.

Our program teaches your brain and body to work together to connect your brain to muscles to help you be more efficient, balanced and prevent injury. This includes: 

  1. Movement Analysis: How you move can either help your pain improve or make it worse. If there is injury or chronic conditions, your body may get into bad habits of moving as a way to protect itself. at how you sit, lift, reach, as well as recreational and sports activities can help you body work at its optimal level.
  2. Brain Activated Muscle Patterns: We teach your brain to activate the muscles in a pattern so it can and you will learn to feel and control when that muscle contracts. Also you will learn to control the order in which muscles are contracted together when you do your every day activities. It is similar to exercise but we include coordination, balance, cross-body activities to stimulate the right and left sides of the brain.
  3. Brain Training: More than meditation or mindfulness, these brain exercises don’t require equipment and designed to improve brain processing and recall, reduce fear, change undesired habits that might be holding you back. This can be combined with neurofeedback for even better results.

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