Understanding Sexual Health is Self-care

Even  if you don’t need sex to survive, it is one of the ways we connect with others, releasing the feel-good chemicals in our brain and getting your body to move and release.  

Even if you know how to have sex, do you know how to have healthy sex

Healthy sex means being able to take care of your body so that sex is enjoyable and pain-free.  It includes being connected with yourself first before connecting with your partner so you know what your body needs and what you enjoy.

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Education & Prevention

It’s not just talking about the birds and the bees, sexual health education means understanding how your body works.  When it comes to sex, people often wait until there is a problem to look for answers.  But did you know that you can prevent urinary tract infections, yeast and fungal infections from limiting your sex life?   Do you know what is a myths about sexual hygiene or scientific truth?  There are different natural supplements that Dr. Irene recommends so your body can keep having healthy sex for a lifetime.

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Sex is part of human nature, but it isn’t natural to understand our sexuality unless we want to know those answers.  Sexuality includes how we see ourselves fitting into the culture and the community we choose.  Sometimes it’s a perfect fit, but other times our sexuality may not be easily understood.  How you choose to express your sexuality should be your decision but an educated decision.  Whether you are heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or have no sexuality label, you should have a place to speak freely.  Dr. Irene’s training in sexuality counseling can help you be confident of your voice in this world and the connections to the people around you. 

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Pain During Sex

Sex is not just about sensations in the body.  In fact, enjoying sex occurs in the mind.  If you have pain during sex then your brain and body may not be communicating well.  Sometimes your mind wants to have sex, but the body has changes that won’t allow it.  In this case, we can help address  pelvic muscles and ligaments issues, hormone changes, vaginal dryness, prostate and penis function.    If you have had too many painful sexual experiences, your mind can become fearful or stressed and stop desiring sex.  It is important to train the brain to feel safe during sex and also work on healthy habits of communication with your partner(s) so that the pain stops.  

How can a Sexual Health Consult Help?

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  • Educate yourself about sex for the first time, at any age.
  • Address a chronic condition that limits your ability to have sex.
  • Support for a life situation that makes it harder to have sex:  infertility, pregnancy, just giving birth, menopause, trauma, stress, surgery.
  • Solutions for  infections,  pain, or inability to have sex, or low sexual desire.
  • Improved communication with the people you care about

Dr. Irene offers solutions to your sexual health when you’re ready.  She combines her skills as a doctor of physical therapy, neuroscience, with training in sexuality counseling from the Northwest Institute of Intimacy to provide you the best resources for both the body, brain and relationships when it comes to sex.  Equipped to talk about sensitive topics without judgment, you can ask the tough questions about sex without embarrassment. She works with individuals and couples to help achieve their goals.